3 Creative Ways to Generate an Income With Your Music

As a budding musician, it may be hard to combine work and your hobby. So, here are a few creative ways to start financing yourself using your musical talent.

1. Teach at local music studios.

Local music studios are always hiring music teachers. Whether your focus lies in singing, guitar, piano, etc., you should definitely consider finding a job here. Most studios hold brief auditions and interviews during the hiring process, so just make sure you have a strong grip on your musical instrument before applying. The income you generate working here will be enough to get you started, and you can put this money towards a budget for a bigger music project you’re working on as well.

Teaching at local music studios only requires three things: 1) musical ability, 2) patience teaching, and 3) clear explanations. This is a great way to learn patience, as well hone your music skills while making money.

2. Write jingles for ads.

You’ll notice that radio ads, especially for local businesses, are pretty unique and original. They are usually written by local musicians, and this is definitely an option for you. These jingles are often brief, and most of the lyrics will just come to you because you have something concrete to sing about, such as a service or product. Jingles are also very basic and don’t require much elaborate composition.

Whereas original songs should evoke emotions from listeners, commercial jingles are only meant to clearly advertise something as quickly and simply as possible. So, any musician should be able to take on this job. Just look for listings online via your local radio stations or other websites and give it a shot. In addition, not only will you make some money, but you will also promote your abilities as a musician.

3. Find a weekly or biweekly performance gig.

If you have a steady job during the weekdays, you can consider taking on a side job performing frequently at a local restaurant or cafe. The next time you go out, find a restaurant you think would be great with live music and offer to perform weekly, biweekly, or even monthly.

Make sure to emphasize that you don’t intend on doing a one-time gig. Performing consistently will make the restaurant owners more willing to pay you for every performance. You may also receive a few tips from listening customers!

There are always ways to make the most of your hobby. If you’re looking for more financial opportunities, consider the above three creative ways to generate an income using your musical abilities! In addition to making some extra pocket money, you may just run into some great networking and promotional opportunities.

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