How to Collaborate on YouTube

Collaboration with other musicians means positive publicity for growing artists as well as great learning and networking opportunities. Check out these three strategies for collaborating on YouTube. 

1) Cooperate on cover songs with other youtube musicians. To cover Coldplay’s “The Scientist” you might record a drumming video while another YouTuber records the guitar part. Once you’ve edited the videos into one, share away! This technique is great because it organically exposes you to other people’s fans. 

2) Cover your peer’s songs. This means covering a song you like from another developing artist… not Katy Perry. Doing a cover of someone’s lesser-known tune will endear you to their fans. If they liker really it, they’ll share it around or even cover one of your songs.

3) Offer your music for gaming montage videos. Gamers love creating “best-of” videos and they always need background music. Just make sure they link to your artist profile when they use your tunes.

Each relationship you build with other musicians is a major marketing opportunities. Use Youtube as a platform to build artistic relationships, work with other musicians, and get your music played to new audiences.

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