How to Make an Impact on Instagram

It’s well known that Instagram can be a fun way to reach out to new fans and keep your old ones busy, but most musicians center their promotional efforts around Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud and other websites. Here are a couple quick tricks to greatly expand your Instagram outreach.

1) Make use of trending hashtags on the Instagram homepage to see what’s buzzing on IG. When you use these hashtags your pictures can and should be unique, but try to keep them somewhat related to the subject at hand. Making use of trending hashtags will get your pictures exposed to more users, and if your photos are eye-catching enough, people will check out your profile to see what you’re about. Once this starts happening, you’re cooking.

2) Use the “following” tool under the “activity” section to see what the people you’re following are looking at on Instagram. This leads to two strategies. The first is to follow other bands and see what they’re doing on Instagram – how they’re communicating with fans, what tactics they’re using to create interest – and adopt their promotional strategies.

The other tactic is to check out what your fans are liking to get a better idea of what intrigues them. This way you can ensure photos you post are captivating to fans and potential Instagram users waiting to discover your music.

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