How This Band Catapulted To International Success

English rock band Radiohead has sold more than thirty million albums worldwide since they signed a record deal in 1991. They’ve released nine albums and toured across the globe. Here’s how they became an international success.

1. The band members played together for years before signing to a label.

Before they were playing sold-out stadiums as Radiohead, the five members were rehearsing in a music room at Abingdon School as On a Friday. However, the boys disliked the school’s strict atmosphere, finding solace in the everything their music teacher had to show them.

The band continued to play together even when they went away to university, soon catching the attention of managers Chris Hufford and Bryce Edge.

2. They didn’t let initial disappointment set them back.

After a name change and a record deal, Radiohead released its first single, “Creep.” However, the song received a lot of negative press, even being blacklisted by the BBC Radio 1 for being “too depressing.” The band followed up the single with its debut album, Pablo Honey, in 1993, and it stalled at number twenty-two on the charts.

Hover, after the release of the album, “Creep” started to garner international attention. An influential Israeli DJ began to play the song more frequently, and an alternative station in San Francisco started to give the song radio play in the US.

3. They went where the song was most popular.

The success of “Creep” in Israel led to the band’s first international show in Tel Aviv. As the single picked up steam in America, Radiohead launched a North American tour. The music video played often on MTV, and “Creep” topped the modern rock charts in the US. The song even broke into the Top 40.

The success of Pablo Honey in the US gave the band enough traction to continue touring for another year and release more music.

Today, Radiohead continues to tour and release new music. By working together for years and going where their music was successful, the band became an international success.

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