YouTube Smartens Up on 301+ Views Policy

There’s a disproportionally large corner of the Internet dedicated to answering questions about YouTube’s 301+ views policy. Now that corner and its cobwebs have been swept away as YouTube announced August 5th that it’s doing away with the rule.

The protocol allowed YouTube to check for fake, bot-generated views by freezing a video’s view count at 301 until the website’s administrators could analyze each view and filter out any counterfeits. Ironically, by stopping the video then letting the views jump after verification, YouTube made its users more suspicious of bot activity. Now YouTube will simply check each view in real time, a feature that should be easy enough with increasingly efficient technology. YouTube will now only display views that are 100% human-generated.

So what does this mean for the regular YouTube user? For those who ever paid for views or marketing assistance you can now rest assured that those times when the count was stuck on 301+, there was no funny business. And moving forward, those people who do pay for any promotion will be able to see their views go up steadily, instead of seeing a dubious jump that might seem like the work of a bot.

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