Why Youtube Viewers Love BuzzFeedYellow

One of the most popular internet publications is Buzzfeed. Most people are familiar with succumbing to procrastination through their addicting quizzes or humorous lists. They also have a considerable YouTube presence. They are divided into three channels separated by colors, with the BuzzfeedYellow channel clocking in at almost seven million followers.

Here are a few reasons why YouTube viewers love BuzzFeedYellow.

1. Test current trends.

Through the sub-channel, “Ladylike”, BuzzfeedYellow tests out current beauty trends which often yield less than satisfactory results. The channel asks normal women, who are not professional makeup artists or affiliated with the products or brands at all, to test beauty trends like plumping products or different highlighting techniques.

Users respond well to the series because it shows how real life women, not professionals, navigate trends in women’s beauty. Test current trends, but be fully authentic with them.

2. Comment on current events.

BuzzfeedYellow usually takes the time to comment on current events, like the election, for example. Commenting on current events can help a YouTube channel remain relevant and part of the conversation. Don’t be afraid to input your unique opinion when weighing in on current events.

3. Provide useful tips.

BuzzfeedYellow is not afraid to provide tips that people wouldn’t want to ask for; like tips for cleaning up blood or tips for making living alone easier. Don’t be afraid to answer questions that no one else wants to ask. It will allow your video to stand out and gain more views.

BuzzfeedYellow tests trends, comments on current events, provides tips, and effectively keeps viewers interested and loyal to the channel.

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Jana is a Communication Studies major and French Studies minor at the University of San Francisco. She loves Mac DeMarco, Beyonce, and the ocean.

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