How Fetty Wap Got So Popular So Fast

As a one-eyed rapper and music influencer, Fetty Wap is BillBoard‘s Top New Artist. Fetty Wap has managed to climb to success with his catchy hits like “Trap Queen” and “My Way”. The New Jersey native didn’t seem to have a problem stepping into the spotlight in only two years of working and learning about the music industry.

Here is how Fetty Wap got so popular so fast.

1. Embrace your unique look.

Though living with one eye was not something Fetty Wap anticipated, it makes him unique.  The fact that he embraces his eye instead of covering it allows viewers to relate if they have body features that are not considered normal.

2. Work hard.

Like any music artist trying to make it big, Fetty Wap put in his fair share of work. Going door to door passing out free mixtapes and branding himself in various ways with his local community, he made a name for himself in his only two years of experience.

Go above and beyond by working 24/7 to promote your music.

3. Send a simple message. 

Fetty Wap’s music is not complex or hard to understand. The message is simple: work hard to make money and become successful with friends, family and the like. Similar to other rappers in the industry, Fetty Wap just wants to elevate in life, and his music reflects that.

4. Be catchy and fun.

When it comes down to it, Fetty Wap has great music. Songs are catchy, easy to listen to, and fun. With those characteristics, his music reaches many demographics. The excitement portrayed in his music has helped him advance his career.

Fetty Wap is definitely on the rise. So much so, he’s starring on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood and making demands all over the world. No wonder he is currently the Top New Artist.

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Ashley Reed grew up in Detroit, Michigan and attends Michigan State University. She enjoys writing creative pieces, creating YouTube videos and entertainment news.

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