Why You Should Learn Music Early in Life

In the world of music, parents often do things like getting their children into music lessons at an early age. For the kid, this is either the best thing to happen to them or a boring waste of time.

However, starting early may be the best way to become a more successful musician.

1. Kids learn new skills faster than they would as adults.

The concept of brain plasticity refers to the brain changing as a result of the environment. Basically, kids learn new things and their brain structure and functions change as a result, especially in their ability to learn.

Kids learn skills much faster than adults, which is why their parents are often told to teach things like languages and playing music at a young age.


2. Getting an early start leads to more experience in music.

As kids are given music lessons early on in their lives, they grow used to their instrument and retain more skills that they are taught.

Plus, by creating a musical environment for children to get used to, they are more likely to form a positive relationship with music. Of course, kids should not feel as if they are forced into learning music.


3. The child has a hobby and a good application.

As the child is taught early on in his or her life, the instrument he or she plays becomes more of an interest and less of a burden.

Another benefit of starting music lessons in childhood is that the greater experience becomes a huge benefit for applying to colleges, whether or not he or she decides to go to a music school or not (and specialize in a career in that field).


There is much debate on whether or not people should learn music as soon as possible in their lives. It is clear that there are many reasons to start during childhood. If done correctly, without forcing the child, he or she gains an appreciation for music and has fun doing it.

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Kevin Kwon is a recent graduate from UC Berkeley, currently 23 years old. He works in San Francisco and hopes to continue in the graduate studies regarding the field of psychology.

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