Why This Vlogger Has An Audience Of 3 Million

YouTuber Jack Douglass is no stranger to the top of YouTube’s trending page. He has more than three million subscribers. He creates songs, comedy sketches, and parodies that get millions of views.

Here’s why Jacksfilms has an audience of three million.

1. He continues to create popular video series.

Jack has created several popular video series over the years, such as “Your Grammar Sucks” and “JackAsk.” Now, he focuses on “Yesterday I Asked You.”

Here’s already more than 350 episodes in with no signs of stopping.

2. He involves viewer responses in his videos.

All of Jack’s YIAY videos are based on viewer responses. He collects their comments from both YouTube and Twitter, crafting them into a cleverly sarcastic video.

3. He pokes fun at what’s popular on social media.

The tagline of Jack’s channel is “help me make fun of everything.” That’s exactly what he does. Whatever’s popular on social media at the moment, Jack is surely dreaming up a way to poke fun at it. It’s his dry sense of humor that makes so many viewers connect with his content.

Jacksfilms has more than three million subscribers because of his dry sense of humor and his dedication to viewer involvement.

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