How Taylor Swift Successfully Released A New Single

Taylor Swift’s new single “Look What You Made Me Do” is basically all that anyone is talking about on social media. After a long year out of the spotlight, the songstress came back on top with her new track on August 25th. It’s already a huge hit.

Here’s how Taylor Swift released her new single so successfully.

1. She pulled a major stunt on social media to bring attention to her career.

A week before announcing her new album, Taylor completely deleted everything from her social media. Even her official website went through a “blackout,” with nothing to show when users loaded the page.

As rumors and theories began to swirl, Taylor posted mysterious snake videos on her Instagram page. Fans went wild trying to figure out what it all meant.

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2. She teased the release but kept her secrets closely guarded.

Taylor announced that she would release a new single at the same time that she announced her new album. However, she didn’t include the new song’s name. She didn’t even tease the audio.

By allowing the mystery around her new project to remain, Taylor practically guaranteed that listeners would be racing to iTunes as soon as her new single dropped.

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3. She planned to debut the music video on a major stage.

The morning after “Look What You Made Me Do” came out, a teaser trailer for the music video premiered on Good Morning America. However, the music video itself won’t premiere until the VMAs on Sunday.

Taylor Swift successfully released “Look What You Made Me Do” by creating a mystery on social media. By bringing attention to her profiles, she brought more attention to her next career move.

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