How This YouTuber Gained 7 Million+ Subscribers

Caspar Lee is a British-South African vlogger with an audience of more than seven million subscribers. He’s been creating content since 2011, and he’s gone on to travel the world and even star in a few movies.

Here’s how Caspar Lee became a YouTube star.

1. He started out making the kind of content that made him happy.

Caspar’s original videos were simple, silly vlogs filmed in his home in South Africa. He showed viewers around his house, introduced them to his mother, and even introduced them to a few South African phrases.

This very personal approach to content creation helped Casper establish a large viewing base early on in his career.

2. He relocated in order to further his career.

Soon after his channel started gaining traction, Caspar moved to his birthplace of London, UK, in order to further pursue a career in vlogging. He lived with fellow YouTuber Alfie Days until 2014, when he moved in with vlogger Joe Sugg. In 2016, Caspar again relocated, moving in with Josh Pieter.

Moving to London opened up a whole new world of opportunities for Caspar. He made great connections with lots of important British vloggers, too.

3. He collaborated with several major content creators.

Once he started making friends in London, Caspar began to make a lot more collaboration videos, too. He’s worked with Zoella, Shane Dawson, and many other major YouTube stars. He’s also featured celebrities like Chris Pratt in his videos.

Caspar interviewed influential British vlogger Phil Lester.

Caspar Lee has more than seven million subscribers because no matter how big his audience grows, he still keeps his content personal and relatable.

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