Why This New Music Video Has Been Trending All Week

Future’s new music video for “You Da Baddest” has been on YouTube’s trending page all week long. The video already has more than eighteen million views and counting. Joined by Nicki Minaj, Future has been absolutely killing it with his latest release.

Here’s why Future’s new music video for “You Da Baddest” has been trending all week.

1. He collaborated with another successful rapper.

Nicki Minaj is one of the biggest names in rap music right now. She’s a powerhouse of a vocalist with the fan base to match. Millions of Nicki’s fans flocked to the video just to see her. Many of them walked away as fans of Future, too.

2. He released the music video quickly to deter sales hits from a leak.

“You Da Baddest” was leaked online before Future was able to officially release the track. However, he jumped on it quickly, releasing his music video so that fans had a better, free way to listen to his latest song. Listeners were more likely to hit replay on the music video than they were to search for the illegal download online.

3. The video itself has the perfect end-of-summer vibe.

Working with director Benny Boom, Future and Nicki created a video that’s simply perfect as one last hit of the summer. The luxury beach resort setting and sunset-like lighting pull viewers in for all four minutes of the video.

Future’s new music video for “You Da Baddest” featuring Nicki Minaj has been trending because it’s the perfect final hit of the summer. Emulate the style of this video with your own music to captivate viewers all the way to Labor Day.

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