Why This Music Vlog Has Over A Million Subscribers

Vice has been the coolest source for news, fashion, and entertainment since their inception in 1994. Their music subset Noisey has made a point to cover the most popular artists, as well as those looking to make a name in the industry.

Noisey focuses on the world that surrounds a music scene. They are approaching two million subscribers. Vloggers looking to follow in Noisey’s footsteps should take away these lessons.

1. Provide a music video platform for artists.

Musicians have a lot of big ideas for great music videos, but record labels don’t always give them the okay. Noisey provided M.I.A. artistic freedom when she made the “Bad Girls” video under their channel.

The result was an extremely popular video. Even if vloggers can’t find M.I.A. for their channel, they can still take creative chances when making music videos that will attract viewers.

2. Cover polarizing artists.

One of Noisey’s most viewed videos is also one with nearly as many dislikes as likes. A camera following Jaden Smith through New York City is a simple concept, but since Smith is a divisive figure in pop culture, viewers are interested in watching.

Emulate artists who demand a reaction, regardless of whether it is positive or negative.

3. Give insight into where your music came from.

Noisey’s unflinching view of where music comes from is one of their most watched videos. Their tour of the Compton environment where rap superstar Kendrick Lamar was raised is an exposé on how important place is when it comes to making music.

Musicians should use their music and videos to reveal their own worlds, whether it is one that elicits a shocking response or one of endearment.

Noisey’s success comes from a legion of music fans interested in the music universe. Noisey has played a part in being a channel where artists feel free to express themselves in art and interviews. Viewers have responded to Noisey’s realness as well as its willingness to be daring. Vloggers should feel free to push the envelope and build relationships with interesting artists.

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Will Randick is a blogger and educator working out of the Bay Area.

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