Why This Creator Has 800,000+ Subscribers

YouTube has become a platform for many aspiring comedians who wish to have their style of humor noticed. Some of these Youtube content creators stand out amongst others, and their entertainment value varies due to viewer tastes. One such YouTuber is Jusreign, who has managed to gain a significant following online.

These are the reasons why Jusreign’s YouTube channel has over 800,000 subscribers.

1. Jusreign’s style of comedy reflects his heritage.

Jusreign’s comedy relates to his past experiences and culture, which influence his own brand of humor. He often talks about things that occur to people of his heritage and tries to explain and relate it to others.

His videos usually parody and show his experiences, whether it is through a cultural outlook, awkward situations, or social criticism.

Below is an example of this.

2. He puts a lot of hard work and creativity into his videos.

Jusreign produces different kinds of video content, whether it is talking about particular situations relating to people of Indian heritage, parody videos, or even acting. His videos will usually have some message he is trying to reach the audience with.

Below is an example with a funny parody of a commercial.

3. His collaborations with other well-known YouTubers make his channel popular.

Jusreign has featured different content creators in his videos, which attracts more viewers to his channel. His own brand of comedy, featured with other content creators, shows his adaptability and creativity. Jusreign’s collab videos usually encompass awkward situations with the other content creator.

Below is an example with a collab he did with Timothydelaghetto.

These are the reasons why Jusreign’s Youtube channel has gained over 800,000 subscribers. His brand of comedy and variation in video content show his creativity and humor. His collabs with other YouTube content creators attract viewers to his videos and channel.

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