How This Band Gained 2 Million Subscribers

YouTube has become a popular medium for artists to reach a wider audience. One such artist who fits this criteria is Gorillaz, which is a popular band in the alternative music scene. Their music is quite popular, and as a result, their YouTube channel has been growing as well.

These are the reasons why Gorillaz has earned over two million subscribers on YouTube.

1. Their musical style is different from others because it features different genres.

Gorillaz’s musical brand is different because it fits with alternative music genre but also features aspects of other genres. The band was formed by two British musicians. However, the group they created for their music features four fictional characters.

This sets them apart because they created a fictional band which plays the music they produce. They combine elements of rap, rock, and other genres.

Below is an example of this.

2. Their music videos are fresh and creative.

Their music videos are entertaining to viewers because they show their artistic style, not only through the music, but also through the fictional characters they created to “play” their music.

The videos vary in artistic style but ultimately show their creativity and unique approach to music video production, which is digital.

Below is an example of their artwork.

3. Their unique content showcases their artistic abilities.

Gorillaz is not only a popular music band, but they also produce other content on their channel. They produce different kinds of content, whether it is sketches or animations featuring the characters they created. Their Youtube channel is interesting to viewers because their content showcases their artistic sides.

Below is an example of this with storyboard art for a music video they produced.

These are the reasons why Gorillaz has earned over two million subscribers on their YouTube channel. Their musical talent and style of music are fresh and different compared to other traditional musicians. Their artwork in their music videos and variation in content with their animations make their channel interesting to viewers.

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