How Kendrick Lamar’s Music Video Got 45 Million+ Views

Prominent hip-hop artists have been utilizing social media and, in particular, YouTube to release new tracks and music videos. YouTube has become a platform for reaching a greater listener base because it is a global outlet. One such artist who has become rather popular over the past decade is Kendrick Lamar. His latest album released recently, and many listeners have appreciated his music. One popular song from this album, “DNA,” was made into a hit music video.

Here’s how Kendrick’s video got more than 45 million views.

1. Kendrick Lamar produces music that’s loved by a wide audience.

Kendrick Lamar produces rap music that is entertaining to listeners and resonates with their musical tastes. His talent is in utilizing his voice to communicate to his audience through his work. The beats, along with his vocals, make his music a work of art, and fans take notice of it as they eagerly wait for the next song or album to drop.

Below is an example of Kendrick Lamar’s musical talent.

2. His lyrics communicate a message to his listeners.

Kendrick Lamar’s music usually contains a deeper meaning behind the lyrics. He can be very deep with what he’s trying to explain to fans. This shows that his music comes from his own inner thoughts and what he wants to tell the world and his listeners.

Below is an example of this with a music video.

3. The music videos he releases show his artistic side and the image he wants to portray.

The videos for his songs usually communicate what he is feeling and what the song is meant to represent. Kendrick Lamar’s videos show his creativity and his artistic side.

Below is an example with his song “DNA.”

These are the reasons why Kendrick Lamar’s song “DNA” gained over 45 million views on YouTube. His musical talent is attractive to listeners, and his music contains messages he relays to fans. The music videos he releases show his thought and artistic creativity.

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