Why This Cover Got Over 27 Million Views

Over the past six months, YouTube creator Conor Maynard has released several popular videos, with view counts ranging from a few hundred thousand to over 17 million, but one video stands out from all the rest with over 27million views (and rising). Despite ten years’ worth of uploads on the channel, this cover, titled “Bruno Mars – 24K Magic (SING OFF vs. Alex Aiono), is already one of Maynard’s most popular videos after only two months on YouTube.

Here are four reasons why this particular video went viral.

1. Creators coming together brings together more viewers.

Maynard set himself up for huge success by bringing in Alex Aiono. Not only do the two men have great voices, but they each have close to four million subscribers, so their collaboration brought together two large fan bases, maximizing exposure and helping to spread their content across the internet.

Watch the duo come together here.

2. Viewers love a little friendly competition.

What’s better than two creators coming together to cover a song? A sing-off, of course! People love to watch a good battle, and the two singers dug into human nature by hyping up the competition and the supposed tension between them. In Maynard’s words, they’ve been “beefing.”

Of course, it’s all for fun, and they finish it off with a friendly handshake. However, the sing-off is successful in that they got viewers to engage with the video and comment with their opinions of who won the battle.

Watch Maynard’s most recent sing-off with Australian singer William Singe here.

3. Music mashups welcome fans of different genres.

Throughout the video, Aiono and Maynard switched things up by covering a mashup of 22 songs from a wide variety of artists and years. From Michael Jackson and Destiny’s Child to Drake and Zayn Malik, the duo jumped around decades, styles, and lyrics, all while seamlessly matching all 22 songs to one smooth beat.

The combination of popular throwbacks and current radio hits calls out to people’s nostalgia and keeps the views coming. Watch Jaylin Dunson’s live reaction to the sing-off below.

4. Its relevant title helps potential viewers find the video easily.

Even though the two musicians sing a wide variety of songs, the video itself is listed with the title “Bruno Mars – 24K Magic.” By titling the video after a song that is trendy and popular now, Conor Maynard is drawing more people in, and ensuring that his video gets maximum views.

This sing-off uses a solid fan base, friendly rivalry, great music, and a trending title to pull in the audience and keep viewers singing along. Follow these four tips in your next cover to create a memorable experience for your viewers and watch your video go viral.

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Kelsey Leaman is a senior at American University in Washington D.C. studying Economics and International Studies. She is passionate about writing, Lemonade, and Michelle Obama.

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