How Popular Channels Build Loyal Audiences

When trying to figure out what niche your YouTube content fits, it is also important to figure out what age range your audience will be in. Not all channels will be popular among all age ranges.

Following these simple tips will help keep your channel popular without trying to spread yourself too thin.

1. Don’t expect to reach viral status immediately.

One of the hardest things YouTube channel creators have found is they will not reach viral status immediately. By expecting this, creators can stay focused on their content instead of being disappointed. YouTubers such as Joey Graceffa and Miranda sings have worked for nearly ten years to build up their huge followings.

This video helps creators stay positive.

2. Think about shareability.

Most videos reach viral status by being sent to others and shared. If people learn about your channel from others, they are learning about your personally. Provide practicality for your viewers. If you aren’t practical or important to a viewer, it is more than likely the video will not be shared.

Lilly Singh makes videos that are highly relatable and hilarious.Think about what makes you want to share a video. Emulate that in your own videos.

Here is a video that gives some tips to create highly shareable content.

3. Have definite goals in mind for your YouTube career.

Think about how long your idea can be expounded upon. Science channels have subscribers come up with some ideas to help them along. The Slow Motion Guys have their subscribers submit what they would like to be slowed down. DIY channels have done a range of tutorials to easy hacks that are lifesaving.

How focused is your content? Can the topic be expanded to more videos? What series of videos can be driven from your initial idea? If you can answer these questions, then your channel will be more marketable.

This video shows some successful tips for YouTubers.

Focusing on the audience can help create a better channel all around. Follow these tips to build a strong following for your channel.

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