Why This Channel Has 3 Million Subscribers

With three million subscribers and 600 million views, this channel is one of the most successful channels on YouTube. Between his skits, rap videos, and storytimes, Timothy DeLaGhetto has received a lot of recognition on the internet. He has doubted himself in 2016, but the statistics show otherwise.

Here is how Timothy DeLaGhetto became a successful YouTuber.

1. He documents his personal life.

Timmy’s girlfriend is very active in his YouTube activities. Through the years, his fans have seen him grow as an individual and a professional, but also as one-half of a beautiful, happy couple. Fans enjoy and celebrate documentation of any growth.

Featuring his girlfriend, this is one of Timothy DeLaGhetto’s Q&A video series.

2. He makes his content easy to share.

His fake rap videos often spread on other social media. Some gain so much exposure that they are available on Spotify and other music platforms. Distribution of music for free is a great way to get exposure. Fans are able to share a sample, potentially growing the fan base.

Pryde and Timothy only had one question to ask in this rap video.

3. He makes video series to keep viewers coming back.

Timothy introduces a lot of skits that are not connected, but occasionally he will release a series. Because they premiere one episode at a time, these series are more anticipated. Fans are interested in seeing how the story ends, so they return to the page in wait for more episodes.

The most recent video series is “Thai Machine.”

4. He’s not afraid to show his failures.

Most people know nothing is perfect on the first try. YouTubers edit their videos to bring the best content. Some delete this content, but Timothy DeLaGhetto uploads entire videos with outtakes. Bloopers can be just as entertaining as the actual footage. Fans live for the moments where stars seem like ordinary people.

From the video “Dibs,” this is what fans didn’t get to see the first time.

5. He talks about real world issues.

While his channel is littered with comedy, Timmy also speaks on real issues, such as racism and culture difference It shows his ability to diversify his channel’s content and to inform his audience, even though his main goal is to make people laugh. The new fans can take a break from the social issues to enjoy his less serious videos.

Timmy DeLaGhetto speaks on the racism the Asian community is expecting.

This channel has been around for nine years, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. By using similar techniques, any YouTuber looking for a long term YouTube career can be successful. After a full review of 2016 and his channel history, Timothy DeLaGhetto has some surprises for his subscribers in 2017.

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Tia Burton studies Communications, Spanish, and Creative Writing at the University of Michigan. She enjoys watching movies and travelling and will be spending a semester abroad in Argentina.

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