How Charlie Puth Broke Into The Music Industry

When you see a success story like Charlie Puth, it’s hard not to get discouraged and wonder why you’re not the one getting signed to a record label. After all, he made it big with his cover of “Someone Like You” for Perez Hilton’s cover contest. While some luck may have been involved, a lot went into building up his career and finally breaking into the music industry.

Follow these tips to get the most out of your next competition.

1. Promote yourself on social media.

YouTube stars like Justin Bieber and Charlie Puth are key examples of how building up your following can do wonders in the music industry. If you know you’ll be competing in a live competition, make sure you’re broadcasting it all over the internet, and get family and friends to share your posts. Over time, your link to the competition and the continuous shares will spread your name across the social media and help you get noticed.

Check out this Ted Talk if you need more advice on online marketing.

2. Have a website and social media pages your followers can come back to.

As you start to get noticed through contests and your own promotion on social media, you need to have a place that fans can keep up with you. Make sure your audience, and even a potential producer, takes your music seriously by showing them that you take yourself seriously.

Treat your music like a business and have your own website, YouTube channel, and social media pages.

Need help starting your own YouTube channel? Watch the video below for some tips.

3. Expand your network.

Connections, connections, connections! No matter the industry, your success largely depends on who you know, and the music industry is no exception.

Use your following and the people you meet at competitions to find out who can mention you to a friend of a friend, or maybe even help you set up a meeting with a record label.

4. Remain persistent.

Don’t be afraid of participating in as many contests and competitions as you possibly can. Unless there’s a significant registration fee, apply to whatever is available and show off your talent. You never know who may be watching.

No one said getting into the music industry would be easy, but with these four steps, you’re sure to be well on way to a successful career.

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