Why Inas X Is A Superstar

Inas X is an indie pop artist and Brooklyn native. This singer, songwriter, actress, and activist is well on her way to dominating the charts in the style of Amy Winehouse and Aaliyah.

In November 2015, Inas dropped her debut single “Love Is.” The track hit #11 on the Billboard charts. Remy Boy Monty even did a remix of the song.

Following the success of “Love Is,” Inas embarked on her first national tour.

Check out the video for “Love Is” here.

Though Inas grew up in Brooklyn, her family moved to Connecticut before she entered high school. However, Inas took the relocation as an opportunity to hone her skills and concentrated on the performing arts. As her music career began to take off, Inas moved to New York City to further pursue her dream.

However, Inas does not let her success cloud her memories of where she comes from. Her Palestinian heritage is a major influence on her musical style.

Here’s Inas’s latest music video.

In 2016, Inas released “Love Is” in response to the US Supreme Court’s landmark decision to allow same-sex marriage. Inas calls “Love Is” her “true identity song.” She wants everyone to know that they are worthy of love, no matter their gender, race, or anything else.

Take a look behind-the-scenes at the “Love Is” music video here.

Inas X created her music video “Gets Me High” as an example of someone who is unbreakable. She uses her music to connect with those who have been through similar trials and tribulations, which Inas, who was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, knows quite well.

On her website, Inas shared this quote: “We are limitless and unstoppable entities. We are worthy, strong, and so valuable. I want to give people hope. If you see me killing it while fighting a disease, you can do it too. We can kill it together.”

Watch the “Gets Me High” video below.

Inas X is a superstar by every definition. This pop songstress is destined for great things.

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