Why All Consumers Need Amazon Thunder In Their Lives

Amazon Thunder is the premiere online shop for the health-conscious consumer. The company is leading the market with the world’s purest and best organic, kosher, and fair trade certified Amazon fruit products.

Here’s why all consumers need Amazon Thunder in their lives.

1. Their products cater to every dietary need or restriction.

The good people of Amazon Thunder work hard to ensure that all of their products are pure and 100 percent kosher. In order to ensure that they provide consumers with the best Amazonian fruits possible, the team continues to conduct extensive research. The team of chemists, microbiologists, and nutritional experts developed formulas to ensure you get the best of what each fruit has to offer.

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2. Every ingredient is fair trade certified.

The good people at Amazon Thunder believe that health is the best thing anyone can have. To them, a good life is a right of all people. That’s why every single product is fair trade certified, meaning that everyone involved with the growing and harvesting of the fruits is paid a fair wage.

3. They give back to the communities that help produce their products.

All materials used by Amazon Thunder are fair trade. Thanks to the Amazon SOS fund, three percent of all bulk raw material buys go right back to the Amazon. These donations help to provide the indigenous peoples with clothing, food, education, medical, dental, and employment.

Amazon Thunder also gives away a large number of products to children and families who are dealing with terminal illnesses that research has shown can be combated with the açaí berry.

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4. All of the products are certified organic.

Every single Amazon Thunder product is manufactured in a USDA certified organic facility. The products have no added sugar or caffeine, They are also free of additives, ensuring that these are the best acai products around.

The same standards apply to the graviola and acerola as well.

5. The business is a family affair.

Amazon Thunder has been family owned and operated since it was founded in 2005. They operate with no outside business partners so that they can meet all demands of production without ever sacrificing quality.

The Reum family keeps the focus on the quality of their products and the preservation of the Amazonian people and the Amazon River regions.

amazon family

Amazon Thunder was created by a family as a better alternative for health-conscious families. Check out their full line of products on the Amazon Thunder website.

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