Why Every Artist Should Work With A YouTube Animator

When Flying Lotus came out with the album You’re Dead in 2014 he called upon David Firth, a legendary animator, to direct his music video for “Ready Err Not.” The video was a wild success despite its odd and disturbing premise.

Here’s why the video was successful and why more artists should work with YouTube animators.

1. The video didn’t stray from either artist’s style.

Flying Lotus didn’t ask David Firth to step out of his comfort zone. David Firth didn’t ask Flying Lotus to write a song to his style. The video was an amicable, collaborative effort that celebrated both of their styles.

Because of this, the video’s audience was a marriage of both fan bases, and the views skyrocketed.

2. David Firth creates masterpieces.

David Firth is perhaps most famous for creating “Salad Fingers,” a disturbing internet cartoon series from before the YouTube era. Since then. he has uploaded on his incredibly popular and successful YouTube channel.

Flying Lotus recognized the animator’s odd brilliance and made the right call tying their names together for his music video.

3. Flying Lotus’s music was exposed to a new audience.

Artists often hit roadblocks when they are growing their audience. Musicians can have difficulty when trying to break out of their genres or expand past their initial music festival recognition. By working with animators, or any YouTube personality, a musician guarantees a fresh set of ears for their work.

In Flying Lotus’s case, he has already worked with animators from Adult Swim, but by working with a YouTuber, he gained an online audience that may not have seen his work previously.

Flying Lotus and David Firth benefitted immensely by working together. Any musician can call on any YouTuber for help with a music video, as it is many content creators’ dream to make one. It’s a great way to gain fans that might not have heard the music in another medium.

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Gabriel Dufurrena is a mathematician, writer, and educator living in Oakland, CA. When he’s not watching YouTube videos or teaching math, he’s jamming out on the bass.

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