How This YouTuber Turned A Unique Hobby Into A Successful Channel

Dallmyd is a channel devoted to one man’s interesting hobby: diving for treasure. The channel is so popular, in fact, that his videos are beginning to climb the trending tab upon release.

Here’s why Dallmyd is becoming so popular.

1. Treasure diving is an odd hobby.

Treasure hunting isn’t something people picture as a modern pastime. In fact, Dallmyd is one of the only YouTubers doing this. The very notion of looking for treasure is fascinating and romantic.

Treasure hunting isn’t the only odd hobby out there, however, that gets attention on YouTube. Anyone could pick up a new sport or craft and publish videos of it, and people do. Competitive eating may seem like an odd parallel to draw, but it’s similar in that both are almost unheard of and somewhat intriguing.

2. Dallmyd justifies the craft by being a good samaritan.

The video that blew up and made the channel popular was one in which Jake Koehler, the channel’s creator, finds an iPhone in a river and returns it.

In fact, most of the treasure he pulls up is dropped phones and GoPros. He doesn’t keep it if he can figure out whose it is, and he even keeps his viewers updated as to which items have been returned.

3. Koehler is self-aware and funny.

The best value a YouTuber can have, other than maybe honesty, is humility. Jake Koehler made it big with 2.1 million subs, but he doesn’t let that change who he is. When he hit one million subscribers, he made this goofy video to celebrate, mocking his own craft while showing gratitude to his fan base.

Any creator can pick up an interesting hobby and publish it. Dallmyd did it right by being genuine, funny, and interesting. Treasure hunting was just the hook.

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Gabriel Dufurrena is a mathematician, writer, and educator living in Oakland, CA. When he’s not watching YouTube videos or teaching math, he’s shopping for scuba gear.

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