Why “Did You Know Gaming” Has Remained A YouTube Mainstay

Did You Know Gaming? (abbreviated as DYKG?) is a blog-turned-YouTube channel that has been active since 2012. The channel’s simple premise allowed for constant growth and lots of content. With over two million subscribers and well over one hundred million total views, DYKG? has remained a popular show that viewers return to again and again.

Here are some examples of how they’ve stayed popular.

1. They release content across multiple platforms.

While their YouTube channel has been active since the beginning, it initially wasn’t as popular as their own self-titled blog site. Sponsored by the site conglomerate NormalBoots, DYKG? started releasing their videos on their website first. They would then upload their content to YouTube as a way to backup their content.

It didn’t take long for a viewership to latch onto the streamlined format of YouTube. With both a large following of YouTube and their own site, DYKG? has managed to maintain a constant level of popularity.

2. They have a simple premise for their show.

Instead of varying their content video to video, DYKG? has one type of video they make over and over again. The show is about little-known facts about various video games.

By focusing on a new game each video, each video is able to have its own unique flair while staying within the formula of the show. With a large pool of existing games, DYKG? has a show that will continue to last far into the future.

3. They have YouTube personalities host the show.

With a myriad of Let’s Play channels and other video game based YouTube shows, there are a lot of people who are qualified to talk about video games. DYKG? uses this to their advantage, and since episode one has used these personalities to host various episodes of the show.

Popular YouTubers such as Arin Hanson, JonTron, and Smooth McGroove have all hosted episodes. For viewers of their shows, having them host guest episodes of DYKG? has helped boost those individual episodes views.

DYKG? is one of the newer channels that has carved out a place for itself on YouTube. By using multiple platforms to release their content, having a simple formula for their show, and using popular YouTube personalities to host various episodes of their show, DYKG? has managed to find continuous growth and popularity on YouTube.

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Anthony Mauro is a San Francisco State graduate who splits his time between the Bay Area and San Diego. He spends his free time thinking long hair is cool, playing video games for an online audience, and writing short stories, comic books, and novels.

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