Why Daily YouTube Posts Can Earn You Millions Of Views

You might ask yourself the question, “How is there ever enough interesting content in the world to post to YouTube daily?”. YouTubers such as Nick Swift, Joey Graceffa, and Philip Defranco all post videos daily and have millions of views and subscribers due to their daily habit. They’ve found different ways to post daily and to maintain a happy audience.

One of the most recent videos is Joey Graceffa testing a few products.

Here are the tactics YouTubers who post daily use that millions of viewers find riveting.

1. Pick one topic or a set number of topics.

While YouTube allows users to essentially post content about almost anything, choosing one or a few set topics can help establish your YouTube page. It tells your audience what will be discussed in the majority of the videos posted.

Having a topic gets the attention of similar YouTubers who may want to collaborate and share a fan base.

This is one video of Nick Swift’s Why Hollywood Can’t Cast… series.

2. Accept submissions of video ideas from viewers.

Sometimes, it is easier to take suggestions from fans than it is to come up with a new idea every day, but it is more than difficult from a creative standpoint. Taking submissions means interacting with the fans to show them how they and their opinions mean to you. There is no way to gain and maintain millions of followers without including what they like.

All YouTubers have viewers who aren’t fans, but Philip Defranco responds in a great way.

3. Use current events to your advantage.

People search up plenty of current events through Google. If the videos are related to the topic, then viewers will be interested in what is being said in the video. The posts will gain a lot of attention, whether it is well received or not.

New fans will open more videos that are recommended from that page. Views and subscribers will increase simultaneously.

Because Raven Symone was in the media more at the end of 2016, this video reviews the attention she has received.

4. Find a way to link your videos together.

If the goal is to keep videos short and simple, it is better to break the videos into multiple segments. By dividing the video, the viewers will be pulled in by the suspense to continue to the next video, even if the video is only about a current event.

This technique hooks viewers and allows you to space out your content if you’re worried about running out of ideas.

This is a continuation of the discussion about an internet prankster.

5. Pose questions to your viewers.

Questions posed at the end of a video invite visitors to respond in the comment section of your videos. Not only will they offer their opinion, but they will also proceed to share with friends and ask them for their opinion. While not every video goes viral, thousands of shares can lead to thousands of new subscribers.

Joey Graceffa titles the video as a question, leaving viewers curious to know more.

YouTubers like Joey Graceffa, Philip Defranco, and Nick Swift post daily because it fits their internet personalities and their target audiences. Following the techniques they use would gain anyone followers, but it depends on the commitment you’re willing to make to your fans and your channel.

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Tia Burton studies Communications, Spanish, and Creative Writing at the University of Michigan. She enjoys watching movies and travelling and will be spending a semester abroad in Argentina.

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