How This Social Media Superstar Earned 6 Million Subscribers

This past week, Liza Koshy broke six million subscribers, and that number is quickly rising. What started off as a few clips on Vine has evolved into a multimedia career on, Instagram, and of course, YouTube, leading her to win Breakout Creator at the 2016 Streamy Awards.

Over the past year, her “Driving With Liza” videos have gone viral. Viewers continuously shared her hilarious dance moves and exaggerated lip syncing all across the internet. What is it exactly about her videos that make people come back for more?

Here’s how Liza Koshy keeps her subscribers hooked.

1. Her videos cover light and funny subjects.

The best thing about Liza is that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. Her over-the-top dancing in “Driving with Liza” and sarcastic remarks in her trips to a dollar store are what make her relatable to fans and keep her audience engaged in her weekly videos.

Her parodies have also proven especially popular, as two of Liza’s most watched videos, “I Eat Glue” and “World’s Best Beauty Hacks,” take a new approach to DIY commercials. Regardless of the video, Liza keeps her viewers laughing and her subscribers coming back for more.

Check out Liza as a new kind of beauty guru here.

2. She shares the spotlight with other creators to bring in more viewers.

Sharing the spotlight has boded well for Liza. She has partnered with several other YouTube celebrities, including Gabrielle Hanna, David Dobrik, and even her alter ego, Helga, to draw in a larger audience. In the first two cases, and a few others, Liza teams up with fellow creators and uses her sociable personality to produce playful videos that help both Liza and her guests gain more subscribers.

The third celebrity listed, Helga, is not exactly a real person, but rather Liza dressed up with some glasses and a thick foreign accent. Despite it really only being Liza with a costume, fans have come to love Helga’s guest appearances and frequently demand that she come visit more often.

Guest appearances go both ways. Watch Liza in David Dobrik’s parody of MTV’s Cribs here.

3. Her vlogs take viewers along on her everyday adventures.

Whether she’s at Target or the 99 Cent Store, fans go crazy over Liza’s shopping videos. Even though they’re not quite what one would call “behind the scenes,” that’s kind of what it feels like. Rather than going to the store, buying some products, and coming home to film herself trying them out, Liza switches it up by taking the viewer on the actual shopping adventure.

This new kind of “behind the scenes” not only makes her more relatable, but it almost makes the experience feel like you’re there shopping with your best friend and having a blast along the way.

Watch Liza’s most popular shopping adventure here.

Liza Koshy is funny, clever, adventurous, and more importantly, she’s always willing to get a little crazy. By sharing the spotlight and testing out new kinds of videos, Liza has successfully hooked her audience and kept her subscribers returning week after week.

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