Why Channels In This New Niche Are Taking Over YouTube

YouTube has become a platform for many people to watch videos on topics that interest them. More people are using the internet now to follow current events compared to television and newspapers and tabloids. A recent trend on Youtube is channels that exclusively report on news that pertains to other YouTube creators and social media celebrities.

People have been subscribing to these channels to name a few such as Scarce, Drama Alert, and Philip DeFranco. These are the reasons why these YouTube channels have become so successful that they have over a million subscribers each.

1. Their content and reporting draw in viewers’ attention.

These channels report usually on news that pertains to the social media world and topics associated with them. Whether it is reporting on a new YouTube creator’s scandal or a new change to YouTube format, they will report on those particular events.

They may have different ways of presenting their information to viewers. These channels will usually report on a specific YouTube channel and what has happened to its creator. This way of reporting is where they get the title of “drama channels.”

Below is an example of this kind of content.

2. The format they use is entertaining.

Each one of these channels has a different format to their videos, whether it’s showing their face and talking or reporting on news over a video of something unrelated. They, however, usually change from topic to topic based on current events that are occurring in the social media realm.

Their video format is to present a topic, give details on it, and then once sufficient information is given, they jump to another topic.
Below is an example of the format with a video of Scarce, who usually uploads his videos with gameplay.

3. Their clarity and humor make their videos interesting.

YouTube channels like these can only become so popular due to the personality and tone of the content creator. These channels have individuals who are good at public speaking and are able to present information which is clear and concise. The way they present their information reflects how many views they gain in a video or to their channel.

Below is an example of this in a video.

These are the reasons why these kinds of YouTube channels have become so popular. Their content and reporting of current events are different from other YouTube channels and are interesting. The format they use attracts viewers to their channels, and their personality and clarity make their videos entertaining.

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Reshad Waziri is currently a student and follows various social media trends. He listens to mostly electronic music and trip-hop. His hobbies include playing basketball, photography, and reading.

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