How This Social Media Star Blew Up Overnight

John Whitfield, who goes by “D.C. Young Fly,” is a social media personality who got famous overnight. He continues to succeed by creating new opportunities for himself.

Here’s why.

1. He chose the most popular platform at the time.

D.C. Young Fly was an unknown comedian who used Instagram to show off his humor for fun. Instagram was a pretty big deal around the time, and he started to post original content. This was the stage he needed, and he took full advantage of it.

Check out this compilation video of his first Instagram posts.

2. He started to get noticed more as he posted more and more content.

The more videos he posted, the more fans he generated. D.C. Young Fly started to become the person to watch on Instagram. He was so funny that celebrities like Kevin Hart started to comment on his videos. At that moment, he knew this was the start of a career.

Here’s a video where talks about his experience with Kevin Hart.

3. He took advantage of the opportunities that came his way.

Once, he started getting laughs from celebrities, it was only a matter of time before he reached a larger platform. D.C. Young Fly was soon to be discovered by Nick Cannon, who is the executive producer of the MTV show Wild N Out. This was the big break D.C. Young Fly needed to expand his brand.

Check out D.C. Young Fly’s first appearance on Wild N Out.

For any social media personality, your delivery is important. Also, you must be consistent with your content in order for you to get noticed.

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