Why BuzzFeed Is a YouTube Giant

Almost anyone who has used the internet has heard of BuzzFeed, and their presence on YouTube cannot be denied. With more than 11 million subscribers just on their main channel, their videos average hundreds of thousands of views.

While the average YouTube video creator has a lot to learn from BuzzFeed and how they got so huge.

1. Diverse Content

Watching BuzzFeed videos, one would realize the extreme diversity of videos. From relationship advice, to tours around LA, to social commentary, they have it covered. Their advantage, however, comes from the quality of all this content: no video is redundant because everything stands on its own.

Diverse content like this is their special sauce in raking in the views. First of all, almost anything someone wants to watch on YouTube has a relevant entry by BuzzFeed, and secondly, all sorts of viewers are brought into their channel.

2. Regularly posted videos

Viewers love regularity, and in turn, regularity helps your ranking in YouTube sorting algorithms. Looking at BuzzFeed, in the last week they have amazingly posted over 18 videos, and that is once again just on their main channel of half a dozen.

As hinted before, YouTube recommends channels more if they get consistent viewership, and a consistent stream of content ensures this. As an added bonus, daily videos ensure all your videos will be relevant and up-to-date.

3. Social media presence

BuzzFeed, as you may know, extends their internet reach far beyond YouTube. This social media presence on Facebook, Reddit, and their own website is not an abandonment of YouTube. Instead, posting to other social media drives even more traffic to their videos.

Any content creator should know the power of having content on multiple sites, and at the same time encouraging your viewers to share.

4. Short, exciting videos

Social media today is all about quick, exciting, easy-to-consume content. This is why GIFs are so popular today on sites all around the internet. Why watch a five-minute long video when a ten second GIF can portray a similar message?

BuzzFeed, once again, excels at keeping their finger on the pulse of pop culture by keeping their videos usually under 5 minutes max. If you are looking for views, short videos often cause people to binge watch dozens in under an hour, which means lots of views for you.

Take a look at this BuzzFeed video, which is both one of their most popular and under a minute in length.

BuzzFeed can, for many, serve as a great example for how to stay relevant and popular on social media. Keeping content diverse, regularly posting videos, staying up to date on social media, and keeping things brisk are all advice we can take from this YouTube giant.

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Sean Harris is a writer in the midwest US who plans on majoring in computer science or physics at college. He enjoys listening to music, blogging, and reading.

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