How to Start a Successful Cooking Channel

Some of the biggest YouTube channels center on food, eating, and sometimes even fine dining. Not a lot of content creators go this route, but it is far from niche. Everyone loves to watch reviews of food, and everyone needs to know how to cook to some degree. Therefore, a well-made cooking channel racks up the views and subscribers.

Here are some tips if you, too, want to make a YouTube cooking channel.

1. Everything should be proportionate.

Your first reaction might be that cooking videos should be super high quality, with HD video to show off your product. However, in reality, what matters is proportion. What this means is that high-quality production is important if you are aiming for a more “high brow” cooking tutorials and reviews, but if you are doing a more DIY cooking show, don’t be afraid to save some time and money by having lower production value.

Look at YouTuber Livelife365. The video production isn’t exactly the highest quality video or audio, but since it focuses on more casual cooking, he has more than 50,000 subscribers.

2. Fill a niche.

This advice can be more difficult to carry out, but it is one of the most important things you can do. To be successful, you must find something that fits you that has demand on YouTube.

An example of this is ChefSteps, who filled the niche of high-quality, gourmet cooking tutorials on YouTube. When so many channels focused on Dorito-breaded snacks or microwave cakes, there was a hidden demand for a show that documents how real chefs cook.

3. Have some fun with it.

There are those who go to cooking channels to learn techniques and methods of cooking, but even for those people, a boring video is still hard to watch. This is especially true for the demographic of viewers who watch cooking videos just for the fun of it. Because of this, don’t be afraid to mess around, make some silly videos, and be just plain fun and creative.

EpicMealTime didn’t get so popular because they were formal, but because they created a light atmosphere that brought viewers back every week.

4. Be topical.

A lot of content creators take advantage of seasonal trends to increase viewer count. This is being topical. For example, Thanksgiving is coming up soon – that is a great opportunity for a cooking channel to start making turkey, stuffing, and other Thanksgiving oriented videos.

When the holiday rolls around, people will be frantically searching for tutorial videos the day before. Once again, ChefSteps does this perfectly.

Cooking channels are an exciting path for YouTubers to go down, both for their fans and themselves. It is a somewhat niche category that doesn’t have a huge supply on YouTube, but at the same time has a high demand. Use these four tips, and your cooking channel will go off without a hitch.

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Sean Harris is a writer in the midwest US who plans on majoring in computer science or physics at college. He enjoys listening to music, blogging, and reading.

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