Why Amy Winehouse Will Always Be Remembered

Amy Winehouse was one of the most talented, distinct, and vibrant musicians in the modern era. In her short career, she inspired countless fans, and this week would have been her 33rd birthday. The best way for musicians to honor her memory is to learn from her success and apply it to their futures.

Here are three things that you can learn from Amy Winehouse.

1. Have a distinct voice.

When you hear an Amy Winehouse song on the radio, you can tell in a split second that it’s her singing. Amy was known for her raspy and deep contralto voice, which made her stand out from the competition.

It is so important to have a unique voice that sets you apart. Try using different vocal techniques to make your voice sound different and interpret each song in a personal way.

2. Create a unique image.

Amy Winehouse is also remembered for her unique image. The iconic singer classically sported a beehive hairdo, winged eyeliner, an upper lip piercing, multiple tattoos, and an eclectic fashion style.

Fans loved to see her in music videos and concerts because she expressed her personality through her voice and image. It is vital to find the style that represents you as a person, and you should embody that style to stand out. Having a unique image will also make you memorable to viewers and fans.

3. Write songs about your personal struggles.

Amy Winehouse underwent many struggles in her life, including issues with addiction, relationships, and mental health. These struggles made her life very difficult, but she coped with them by expressing her issues in her music.

Writing about your issues is not only therapeutic, but it can also help fans who are dealing with similar struggles.

Listen to Amy’s song “Back To Black,” in which she alludes to her struggles with relationships and addiction.

Amy Winehouse will always be remembered as an incredible musician who moved millions with her soulful and expressive music. The BBC once called her “the pre-eminent vocal talent of her generation,” and all musicians should honor her memory by learning from her success.

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