Where To Find Inspiration For New Video Ideas

After consistently uploading a video a week for a few months or even a few years, you may feel as if you’ve run out of ideas for new content. However, you shouldn’t worry, As a vlogger, you’re surrounded by video ideas you just haven’t noticed yet.

Here are a few places you can find inspiration for new video ideas.

Check out comments on past videos.

Though you may have thought to look at the comments under your recent video for ideas, what about your past videos? Oftentimes, viewers will return to a favorite video and leave new comments, no matter how old that video may be.

Scroll through the recent comments on a few of your most popular older videos. Write down any potential video ideas you see, such as what viewers wish you’d do as a sequel.

Search your social media tags.

Next, scroll through the replies and comments to your most recent social media posts. Check any posts you’re tagged in, too. Fans often share and discuss their own ideas for your videos on social media.

You’ll probably see a few different kinds of suggestions. First, in responses to recent videos, you may see fans discussing what they wish you’d done differently or what they want you to do next. You may also encounter fans tagging you in posts about products they want you to review. Finally, you may see a few wild video suggestions fans have come up with out of the blue.

Get your mind working in a different way.

To get your creative juices flowing, try a few brainstorming exercises. Ideally, you should set aside a few quiet hours to work on brainstorming videos on your own every week.

First, set a timer for ten minutes and free write any video ideas that come to mind. It doesn’t matter if they’re plausible or not. Just get writing. Then, when your timer goes off, pick up a different colored pen and circle the ideas you like the best. Put them on a new list and expand on them.

Another good way to brainstorm is to free your mind and get your body moving. Go on a walk by yourself, take a shower, or doodle. Get your mind off of video ideas and working in a different way. You never know what ideas may spring up.

Great video ideas are all around you. Take suggestions from your audience and try brainstorming on your own.

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