How To Create Visual Interest In Your Videos

Many YouTube videos consist of a single shot and maybe a few jump cuts. While this has been the standard since practically the beginning of the vlogging industry, keeping your viewers watching now is all about keeping them interested.

You can increase your watch time by making your videos more visually interesting. If viewers aren’t looking at the same shot for ten minutes, then they may be more likely to stick around longer.

Let stock images and videos help you tell your story.

Rather than collecting your own images and clips to use, you can download stock footage for your videos. Insert them into your video to help illustrate the story you’re sharing.

Though there are plenty of places to purchase the rights to stock footage online, you can also find ones that are free to use. Learn more about finding free stock footage in this post.

Film from multiple angles.

You can easily create visual interest by moving your camera around. Before you start filming, make a simple shot list based on your video script. Where in the video would viewers benefit from seeing a close-up or a new angle?

In her latest “Does This Thing Really Work?” video, Grav3yardgirl captured the product she tested from several different angles. Viewers got both a better view of what she was doing and a more interesting video to watch.

Insert graphics and memes.

If your video makes a reference to a meme or something else from pop culture, then you can insert a picture of it onto your screen. Not only will this jog viewers’ memories, but it will also help you get your point across more clearly.

For example, in this video, Mykie from Glam & Gore had her roommate Katy do her SFX makeup. To help viewers visualize the look Katy was going for, Mykie inserted a picture of the horror movie character they were trying to recreate.

Experiment with different editing effects.

To make your videos more visually interesting without moving your camera around, try adding different effects in post-production. You can experiment with zooms, transitions, filters, and anything else you find in your editing software.

You can find YouTube tutorials to help you discover new editing effects, such as the one below.

The more visually interesting a video is, the more likely a viewer is to keep watching. Experiment with stock footage, different angles, and editing effects.

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