Where To Find Free Video Clips You Can For YouTube

Any YouTube video can be enhanced with the addition of video clips from outside sources. These clips help you illustrate a story, make a joke, or add some shot variety. However, because of YouTube’s strict copyright policies, you can’t use just any video clip you like.

Instead, you should use copyright-free or stock images. Created by other people, these video clips are free to use. Just be sure to credit the original source in your video description.

Creative Commons is your number one source.

The sole purpose of Creative Commons is to provide creators like you with as many free and legal multimedia elements as possible. Not only can you find video clips on the website, but you can also search for images and music as well.

Simply go to the CC Search page. Make sure you’ve ticked the boxes that say “I want something that I can use for commercial purposes” and “I want something that I can modify, adapt, or build upon.” Then, enter your search query and press the YouTube button.

All of the results have been marked as free to use by the public. Just make sure you’re not using copyrighted materials that have been reuploaded by other people, such as popular music or movie clips.

To download and use these videos, use a separate YouTube to mp4 converter. The video below can point you towards a few different options.

Pexels has a lot of great content as well.

If you’re looking for clips you don’t have to attribute to any source, turn to Pexels. All of their stock videos are free to use for commercial purposes without attribution.

Pexels also allows you to edit their content any way you like, so you can modify the clips as you see fit. Search the site for what you want, then download the clips directly.

To use copyrighted videos, make sure your purpose fits under fair use.

In the US, creators can use copyrighted videos and images under certain circumstances if they fall under the Fair Use Act. If your purpose for using the copyrighted media fits certain criteria, then you can legally use it without a licence.

Fair use specifically applies to news reporting, commentary, scholarship, and research. For a more in-depth explanation of how fair use applies to YouTube creators, be sure to check out this post.

Stock videos and other clips can make your YouTube videos more visually interesting. Use the sources mentioned above to find great, free video clips you can use for your videos.

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