4 Tips To Help You Edit More Efficiently

As a content creator, you know how much time and effort goes into editing each and every video. Though you want to get your videos out quickly, you also want them to be the best they can be, so shortcuts often aren’t an option when it comes to editing.

However, you can work more quickly by making a few key changes to your video editing process. Here are a few tips to help you edit faster.

1. Keep all of your footage on an external hard drive instead of your SD card.

The device you’re editing from can make all the difference when it comes to editing speed. Instead of working off the SD card from your camera, store all of your files on an external hard drive. Then, when you edit, save that file to the hard drive as well.

When you work from an external hard drive, your videos will render more quickly. Using an external hard drive will also protect your footage in case your computer crashes.

2. Organize your files as soon as you’re finished filming.

When you move your footage from your SD card to your external hard drive, go ahead and organize them right away. Rename the clips to match your shot list or with labels that will remind you what each clip contains.

You should also establish a file structure for every video. Create a new folder for each video. Then, inside that folder, create separate folders for your video, audio, and images. Organize your clips and graphics within these folders so you can easily find everything you need when you edit.

3. Learn the keyboard shortcuts for your editing software.

Your editing will go much faster if you can do it in fewer clicks. To cut down on time, learn the keyboard shortcuts for your editing software. With a few keystrokes, you should be able to make cuts, fast forward your footage, etc.

Find tutorials for the specific software you use on YouTube. For example, here’s a tutorial for Adobe Premiere Pro users.

4. Make verbal editing notes to yourself as you film.

As you film, make editing notes to yourself out loud. You can cut them out later, but you’ll remember what you wanted to do when you actually sit down to edit.

Tell your future self when you want to cut or what take you think was best. If you want to use a certain piece of music, a graphic, or an effect, name it. Then, as you’re editing, you’ll already have an idea of what the finished product will look like.

Editing turns your video into a clean, polished final product. By learning keyboard shortcuts and working off an external hard drive, you can edit your videos more efficiently.

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