A Brief Guide To The New YouTube Live Control Room

YouTube is constantly updating your dashboard to make it easier to be a creator, including live streaming. So, the Live Control Room is your new hub for all things live streaming in YouTube Studio.

You can create, manage, and moderate your live streams all in the Live Control Room.

Now, you won’t have to jump from feature to feature to control your past and present live streams. With the Live Control Room, everything related to your live streams is under one umbrella.

However, the Live Control Room is only available in the beta version of YouTube Studio. If you’re still using a different version of the dashboard, you might not see the Live Control Room yet.

Access the Live Control Room by selecting “Go Live.”

You can access the Live Control Room from anywhere on YouTube. All you have to do is click the creation icon then select “Go Live.”

In the Live Control Room, you can use a streaming software, too. Just be sure to select the Stream tab.

The new design and dashboard make it easier to stream than before.

The Live Control Room has a sleek new dark mode interface that’s designed to reduce any glare while you’re streaming. However, the cool new perks don’t stop there. In your actionable dashboard, you can get real-time insights that will help you interact with your fans and manage your stream.

You can go live more easily by using a previous stream as a template, too. The Live Control Room enables you to copy the metadata, game title, and stream key from a previous stream.

You can still use the old YouTube Live tools.

If you’d like some more time to get familiar with the Live Control Room before you use it in a stream, you can still broadcast using the older version of YouTube Live. Just go to the lower right corner and click on “Classic Live Streaming.”

YouTube’s new Live Control Room makes it easier to go live than before. Connect with your viewers in real time with a live stream.

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