Where Is Your Channel Traffic Coming From?

You know how to check how many views your videos are getting, but did you know you can find out exactly where those views are coming from? YouTube Analytics tracks your channel traffic sources right in your YouTube Studio. By finding out your traffic sources, you can discover where you’re most successful and on which platforms you need to grow.

Here’s how to discover where your channel traffic is coming from.

Find the data in your channel analytics.

To find the data on your traffic sources, start by selecting your channel icon then clicking on “YouTube Studio” in the drop-down menu. Then, on the left side, click on “Analytics.” It should be the fourth item listed on the left sidebar.

Next, click on “Reach” at the top of the page. It will be the second item under “Channel analytics.” From there, select the “Traffic source types” report.

Learn to differentiate between the kinds of traffic sources.

The traffic source types report breaks your data down into several different elements. You can find several reports breaking down your traffic sources under “Reach” in your channel analytics. Overall, the data is broken down into external and internal sources.

The “external” report shows you the specific websites and apps outside of YouTube where viewers have found your videos. Internally, you can use find out what specific videos and searches led viewers to your channel.

“Suggested videos” shows you what videos viewers were watching when they saw your uploads as suggestions. Similarly, “playlists” tells you which playlists viewers were watching. Finally, “YouTube search” details the phrases viewers searched that led them to your videos.

Dig into the details of your data.

The data breaks down even further for both external and internal traffic sources. In your external sources report, you can find the specific sites and sources that have embedded or linked to your video. You can also find details for traffic that came from direct or unknown sources, such as direct URL entry, bookmarks, logged out users, and unidentified apps.

Your traffic reports from within YouTube show how many views came from browse features, including viewers’ home screen, subscription feeds, and watch later playlists. These reports also break down into channel pages, video cards, end screens, notifications, and YouTube advertising.

YouTube Analytics enables you to know exactly where your views are coming from. Use this data to determine where you should concentrate your video promotion.

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