5 Classic Growth Strategies Every Creator Should Utilize

Growing your online audience can be a challenge, but it’s the best way to further your career as a content creator. With the right strategies in place, you can increase the growth rate of both your subscriber and view counts.

These are the growth strategies every creator should utilize.

1. Collaborate with creators in both your niche and others.

Whenever you post a video on your channel featuring another creator, their audience will flock to your channel to check it out. Likewise, whenever you partner with another creator to make a video for their channel, their viewers may decide to become fans of you as well.

To reach new audiences, collaborate with other creators. Working with creators whose videos are within your niche will help you reach a lot of similar viewers. However, if you work with creators outside your niche, then you can attract viewers who may not have found your channel otherwise.

For example, the Try Guys are known for their fun, boisterous videos in which they test out virtually anything they can think of. Their content doesn’t usually fall under the ASMR category, but when they collabed with ASMR Darling, they got more than four million views.

2. Put an out-of-the-box spin on video trends.

A lot of creators attract new viewers by participating in video trends. Whenever a new video trend goes around, similar videos appear as suggestions after viewers watch their favorite creators do the trend. So, these viewers often find themselves watching new channels.

If you really want to turn those new viewers into subscribers, however, then you should make your trend video stand out. Put an out-of-the-box spin on the next video trend. Think of what you can do with the trend that no other creator could pull off.

Mykie, the creator behind Glam&Gore, is known for her serious SFX makeup skills. So, when the “Tide Pod challenge” got popular a few years ago, she put a SFX spin on it.

3. Involve your viewers in your video-making process.

Viewers are more likely to watch a video if they feel they’ve had a hand in its creation. Involving your viewers in your video-making decisions can help you grow your following on other platforms. Then, when their followers see them interacting with your posts, they might check out your channel.

You can involve your viewers in your videos through social media. The easiest way to do this is to create polls. You poll your viewers about video topics, choices you make within the video, or your upload schedule.

Good Mythical Morning uses Instagram story polls to drive viewer engagement. They even created a game in which viewers can earn points based on the most popular answers in an Instagram story poll.

4. Brand your channel well.

The majority of popular creators are known by their personal brands. Mr. Beast is generous. Shane Dawson is sarcastic. Lilly Singh is relatable. All of these qualities are part of the creators’ channel brands.

Branding your channel gives it a cohesive look and feel. It’s like creating the brand for a company, except it’s for you and your content. Check out the video below the get started developing your channel brand.

5. Make every call-to-action count.

Every video should include a call-to-action. It can be in either the beginning or the end of your video. You can even use it as part of your video end screen.

In your call-to-action, instruct your viewers to like the video and subscribe if they haven’t already. You can also ask them to comment and turn on post notifications for your channel. Watch the video below to learn more about effective calls-to-action.

Content creators have been utilizing similar growth strategies since the start of YouTube because they’re proven to work. Utilize the above strategies to keep growing your channel.

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