What YouTube Personalities Can Learn From Nardwuar

Nardwuar is a beloved Canadian music enthusiast living his dream of interviewing music legends across all genres. He is an extremely knowledgeable fan that has turned his knowledge into views. Not only do his videos have a lot of views, but they are also personalized to each of his guests.

There are so many individuals waiting to get their own YouTube personality up and running. Nardwuar can teach them how to be themselves while reeling in views.

1. Give gifts.

If are a YouTube personality who is specializing in journalism, it is important to take the time to thank your subjects. What better way to thank interviewees than with the gift of music?

Nardwuar selects gifts that often reveal something about a guest. The gifts diffuse any sense of confrontation with busy musicians. It is a great way to get an interviewee to open up more about his or her love of music.

2. Do your homework.

Nardwuar knows everything about his subject before the interview. Doing the necessary homework before an interview while make for a much greater finished product. Nardwuar will come up with information about artists that surprise him or her.

Interviewees are often asked the same question. When enough research is done, the journalist can find out what questions still need to be asked. During the interview, a subject is more likely to elaborate on a new topic, rather than an old one, making for a better interview.

3. Take a unique approach.

Nardwuar brings a specific, high energy flavor to his craft. He is still a well-versed music geek, but his personality helps him stand out from other journalists with YouTube channels. Nardwuar doesn’t fit in, which in his case is a good thing.

Amplify personality traits that people may be drawn to. Be endearing in a specific way. Having the knowledge down is a must, but let others find out more about who is behind so many great interviews.

Nardwuar has made himself known from the fun interviews he gives. He makes sure to find interesting musical guests and give them an incentive for being there. Treat interviewees like the incredible people they are. Interesting people need someone to ask them questions. Rather than be merely someone who asks questions, show personality and charm. Turn an incredible interview into views just as Nardwuar has done.

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Will Randick is a blogger and educator working out of the Bay Area.

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