How Taylor Swift Uses Uncommon Instruments In Her Music

Country/pop crossover superstar Taylor Swift is one of the biggest names in the music industry. However, not every instrument she’s used in a song has been so widely known.

Check out these unusual instruments Taylor Swift uses to make her music unique.

1. Dobro

The dobro is a single cone resonator guitar with a wooden body. Taylor used this unique guitar to enhance several of her earliest country singles.

An uncommon version of a popular instrument is a great way to make your music stand out.

Listen to the dobro in Taylor’s first single, “Tim McGraw.”

2. Bouzouki

Even as she progressed into pop music, Taylor explored the effects that classic instruments had on her sound. The bouzouki is a traditional Greek guitar that has also been adapted into Irish folk music.

Mix up electronic instruments with classic ones to change up the way you play.

The bouzouki can be heard in “Red.”

3. Mbira

Taylor’s music has also taken an interest in instruments from other cultures. The mbira is an African thumb piano with a sweet metallic sound.

Find inspiration for instrumentation from across the world or across the street.

The mbira is featured in “Clean.”

Uncommon instruments are a great way to make your music unique. Mix up your sound like Taylor Swift does to keep it fresh from song to song.

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