Everything You Need to Render YouTube Videos Quickly

Large video files for YouTube can be upwards of dozens of gigabytes, and rendering that much video for your channel can take ages if you don’t have the proper hardware and software.

It might seem technical at times, but these four aspects of computer rendering can decrease the time it takes to render videos.

1. Have a good connection.

A slow connection to the Internet means uploading a video could take a day or more. With up-to-date browsers, YouTube allows video file sizes of up to 20 GB. For anything that large, you are going to need some fast Internet.

To increase your upload speed, use ethernet at home or the library instead of wifi, which is significantly slower. A more expensive option is to buy fiber Internet, which can be more than 20x faster than a standard broadband connection. Good options for fiber internet are Google Fiber or Verizon Fios.

Here is a video explaining the difference between various connection types.

2. Get a good GPU.

A graphics processing unit, or GPU, is the component in your computer that processes visuals and graphics on your screen. This component of your computer will exponentially speed up video rendering for YouTube videos.

There are two main companies that produce GPUs, Nvidia and AMD. It will be worthwhile to check which you have on your computer. Some of the newer models that will be great for video rendering are the GTX 1070 or AMD R9 380X.

3. Use a high-quality CPU.

The Central Processing Unit, or CPU, is the “brain” of your computer. When running processes that sort through a lot of data, having a high-quality CPU will lower run times significantly.

Intel and AMD both make CPUs. Some of the best for video rendering are the i5 or i7 series from Intel. It can be difficult to install a new CPU, so below is a video showing how to.

4. Make sure you have lots of digital storage space.

As previously mentioned, videos for YouTube can be up to 20gb large, which to put in context is larger than the entire data storage space of an average cell phone. When you are recording and saving your videos, you will need a lot of space to store them.

The best option for mass storage is a HDD or hard disk drive, preferably something like a Western Digital 2TB drive. If you want to sacrifice storage size for speed, you can get an SSD, or solid state drive. These drives are much faster than their counterparts and will help with loading videos.

Below is a video showing how to install a new hard drive.

Creating a successful YouTube channel demands consistent and speedy release of new videos, and having to wait forever to upload isn’t practical. These four aspects of video rendering and storage are important to understand in order to put out videos on a regular basis.

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Sean Harris is a writer in the midwest US who plans on majoring in computer science or physics at college. He enjoys listening to music, blogging, and reading.

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