What You Need To Know About The Latest Comments Section Updates

Team YouTube recently announced several new features that have been added to the comments section of your videos. These new tools will enable you to interact with your audience more effectively.

Here’s what you need to know about the latest comments section updates.

New badges help you identify comments made by subscribers.

Whenever you’re reading the comments under one of your videos, deciding which comments to reply to can be difficult. You want to engage with new viewers, but you also want to make sure your longtime fans feel the love.

Now, comments made by users who are publicly subscribers to your channel will have little badges next to them. That way, you will be able to gauge a commenter’s experience with your channel with ease.

These badges can also help you separate hate comments from constructive criticism. If a comment comes from a subscriber, then their thoughts likely come from a place of support and are meant to help you grow. However, if a negative comment comes from a non-subscriber, then you can let it roll off your shoulders because that person has no meaningful relationship with you.

Smart Replies help you respond to comments more efficiently.

Another issue creators face when replying to comments is how long it takes to reply to every comment individually. Having to type similar sentences over and over can be tedious, and you may miss comments that would’ve mean a lot to you.

To help creators reply to more comments with more efficiency, YouTube introduced Smart Replies. Similar to the feature in Gmail, Smart Replies auto-suggest responses to comments. The suggestions are based on the most commonly used creator responses to fan comments.

Currently, Smart Replies are still in the experimental stage. The feature is only available to a small number of creators, but hopefully it will roll out across the entire platform later in the year.

Find your top commenters in YouTube Studio.

Platforms like Patreon and Facebook allow you to identify your top supporters easily. Patreon comes in tiers, and Facebook brands especially engaged followers with the “Top Fan” badge. Even Instagram ranks your most frequent story viewers on a page only you can see.

Now, YouTube enables creators to find their most engaged supporters in YouTube Studio. When you view comments in YouTube Studio, badges that say “top commenter” will appear to the right of their usernames.

This feature is now available to all creators, so you can check your video comments for top commenters now. Reward them with a well-thought-out reply or a shout-out in your next video.

The latest YouTube Studio updates make the comments section better for creators than ever before. Use the new badges to engage with your most supportive fans, and get excited for Smart Replies to roll out to more channels in the future.

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