How This Gamer Created An Internationally Successful Channel

Clare Siobhan has more than one and a half million subscribers from all across the globe. She’s a well-known gamer with an extremely dedicated and supportive fan base, whom she’s lovingly nicknames “peach-a-roonies.”

Here’s how gamer Clare Siobhan created an internationally successful channel.

She plays one of the most popular games on YouTube.

Many gamers gain large audiences by playing popular games such as Fortnite or Minecraft. Clare focuses all of her gameplay on the Sims, a life simulation game people have been playing for twenty years now.

Clare is part of a large online community of Sims players. Many of her viewers watch in order to learn how to utilize the mods and cheats she uses to improve her experience with the game. She also often incorporates her fans’ created characters from the Sims gallery into her videos.

Her videos are easily digestible and enjoyable for non-gamers.

Unlike a lot of gaming videos that show off complex gameplay, excessive violence, etc., Clare’s videos are easy for even non-gamers to understand. Because the Sims is meant to mirror real life, viewers already have a basic understanding of the game’s premise. Clare also explains every move she makes so viewers know what’s going on.

Not only are her videos easy for anyone to understand, but they’re also easy for anyone to enjoy. Her videos are a mix of series, challenges, and reactions. There’s something for every potential viewer to enjoy.

She hooks viewers with captivating storylines.

Clare grew her channel through her many different Sims series. Each new series explores a different aspect of the game, such as a new mod or expansion pack. Every series also follows its own storyline, as if it was a television show.

She catches their attention with clickbait-style titles. Then, viewers get hooked on the drama in Clare’s different series. They fall in love with the characters she creates as they watch their entire lives unfold in the game.

She responds to fan requests.

A lot of Clare’s success comes from the close relationship she has with her audience. She really focuses on making the videos they want to see. Their requests help drive her content.

If fans request a video enough, Clare delivers on it even if it’s not something she would choose to do on her own. For example, even though she wasn’t super excited about undertaking the popular “hundred babies challenge,” she put a fun twist on it for the fans who kept requesting it.

Clare Siobhan created an internationally successful gaming channel by making videos with addictive drama and wide appeal. Her Sims series are popular with viewers all across the world.

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