How This Music Producer Uses YouTube To Grow His Listening Base

Andrew Huang is a music producer and video editor on YouTube. His channel has about 350 videos, and several of his videos have around a million views. He just released the album LO-FI and has already been receiving critical praise for it.

His success is not due to luck and talent alone. Here is why Andrew Huang is a prime example of how to use YouTube to grow an audience.

1. He uses YouTube to be transparent.

Along with the release of his new album, Huang posted a video unveiling some of the production secrets and inspiration for the music. By using his own platform, rather than relying on an interview with a publication, Huang controls the information leaked about his work. More than that, he shows his audience that he cares about how music is made and isn’t trying to keep other people from similar success.

YouTube is a great way to communicate with a fan base, and Huang’s dedication to his channel makes it that much more of an asset.

2. He treats production like a blank canvas.

Rather than practicing lo-fi hip-hop production until he’s comfortable with it, Huang challenges himself to come up with new ways to produce music.

He exhibits his talent not just through making his serious albums but also in videos like “99 Red Balloons – played with red balloons.” His creativity often exceeds his talent, which causes him to get better and better at what he wants to do musically. The work he puts into his goofy videos leads to better production in his art. It helps that these videos go viral and draw an audience to his channel.

3. He connects with other artists through YouTube.

Possibly his most popular series is “Alphabetical 26 genre songs” which he shot with fellow YouTuber Boyinaband. Similar to his other challenge videos, the concept causes both musicians to step outside of their comfort zones to make a masterpiece.

More importantly, he’s working with other musicians to expand his repertoire. This attitude spreads like wildfire, especially when the video is a hit, and causes other YouTube musicians to step outside of their comfort zones as well.

Huang uses his channel to get closer to his audience and uses YouTube to challenge himself to get better. YouTube creates the perfect amount of pressure to step outside your comfort zone and work to build a fanbase.

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