What Viewers Are Looking For In A Vlogger

When viewers go to YouTube they don’t always know what they are looking for, but as they continue to explore the YouTube universe, the same types of content speak to them.

Viewers go to YouTube for a variety of reasons, but there are certain things vloggers can provide to the viewers who are discovering their channels for the very first time.

1. Meaning

Content creators need to ask themselves a lot of questions about what they are making. The most basic element for creatives to master is understanding their own content. What is the creator saying? What is the language of the content?

Viewers want to understand your message. If the message or meaning behind the video is unclear, then find a new way to speak clearly to engage in a wider audience. Deliver the message in a way that captivates everyone.

2. Purpose

Once the video’s message is clear to viewers, it is important to have a goal beyond the point of the video. How can this video potentially help viewers?

It can be as simple as shopping advice or something that opens up a vlogger to the viewer on an emotional level. The vlogger must know whether he or she wants to be informative, show-off, or reveal more of himself or herself to the viewers.

3. Comfort

Viewers want to feel relaxed when they watch YouTube videos. Although some videos are jarring, most are watched to unwind from the stress of daily life.

Improve someone’s disposition by being a voice that comforts them. Provide support to viewers and show them that they are appreciated.

ASMR videos provide the perfect combination of meaning, purpose, and comfort. The vlogger provides interesting information while still serving the purpose of helping people fall asleep.

When vloggers take the above traits into account, there is a lot more focus on how they can best serve their viewers. Vloggers should make content for themselves but still keep others in mind. Once a vlogger serves viewers, then the viewers will want to do the same back.

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Will Randick is a blogger and educator working out of the Bay Area.

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