3 Ways Primus Created A Signature Sound

Primus is a funky, three-piece rock band that emerged into the music scene during the 80’s.  Though the band called it quits years ago, Primus continues to hold a loyal fan base because of their signature, unshakable sound.

Here are a few steps for musicians seeking this lasting effect.

1. Defy instrument laws.

Primus’ sound carries a heavy bass which practically supplies the place of both a rhythm guitar and bass, a huge contribution to their distinct sound.

This unique balance of instruments teaches musicians to highlight their strengths and build upon them, despite common tendencies to form their sound around a lead guitar, supporting bass and complimentary drums.

2. Create songs that test boundaries.

Part of Primus’ unusual charm is its ability to shed light on rare topics. This talent is highly apparent with songs like, My Name is Mud, a song about a hillbilly, accidental murder and Jerry Was a Racecar Driver, a song whose theme discusses disappointment.

Dip into a variety of subjects to build an eccentric sound. When songs include an array of topics, fans become intrigued and excited to hear what’s to come.

3. Derive influence from different genres.

Primus has musical influences from Cher, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa and Jimi Hendrix which are musicians from completely opposite sides of the musical spectrum. A signature sound is inevitable with this much differing influence.

Seek a variety of guidance to become more innovative.

With these three contributions, any musician can create their own sound while replicating Primus’ timeless fan base.

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