What To Do When You’re Stuck For Video Ideas

If you’ve ever felt like all the best video ideas have already been done, then this is the post for you! A lot of content creators will reach the point where they feel as if their well of ideas has run dry. However, this feeling is perfectly normal, and there are plenty of ways to combat it.

Here’s what to do when you’re stuck for video ideas.

Check your recent comments and Twitter mentions for video requests.

Whenever a viewer is watching one of your videos, they might be inspired with a video idea of their own. Oftentimes, they’ll share their idea with you in the comments. If inspiration strikes them later, then they may share their idea with you on Twitter instead.

So, if you’re having trouble coming up with video ideas on your own, scroll through the recent comments on your channel. You can find all of them in one place by heading to the “Comments” tab in your YouTube Studio. Search for keywords like “video idea” or “request.”

Alternatively, you could do a similar search on Twitter. Be sure to include your handle so you’re only finding tweets fans have mentioned you in. If you use a fan’s idea, be sure to screenshot their comment or tweet so you can properly credit them in the video.

Challenge your creativity with a brainstorming exercise.

If you’re just staring at a blank page or screen, then coming up with new video ideas might seem impossible. However, you can get your creative juices flowing by using a brainstorming exercise. One of these exercises can help guide your thoughts so you can focus on letting your ideas flow freely.

To begin brainstorming, give yourself a place to start. You could write out a list of your most successful video titles, questions you’ve always wanted to know the answer to, or recent videos you’ve loved. Then, set a timer. Jot down as many ideas or concepts you can come up with in relation to your starting points before your time’s up.

Afterwards, go back through your list and pick the most promising ideas. If you want to go further, you can repeat the exercise using these ideas as starting points. Focus on generating ideas that are more specific and manageable.

Binge-watch your favorite creators for inspiration.

Oftentimes, creators turn to each other for inspiration. Go through your personal subscription feed and watch a few recent uploads from other creators you admire. Make note of any videos you’d like to emulate, especially if they have the potential to turn into viral trends.

Then, put your own twist on that creator’s idea. Adapt their concept to fit your content style and appeal to your audience. Additionally, be sure that you properly credit the original creator and link the video that inspired you in the description.

Schedule a break if you haven’t taken one in a while.

After trying all of the methods above, if you’re still stuck for ideas, then you may be on the verge of creative burnout. To prevent yourself from reaching total burnout, you might want to take a break. Skipping an upload will give you the chance to rest and refresh so you can come back the next week ready to give it your all again.

While taking a break is necessary for many creators, you may worry about how it will impact your channel’s place in the YouTube algorithm. However, it is possible to take a break without hurting your channel. The key is communication with your audience. To learn about a creator who took a three-month break and came back to get twice as many views, check out this post.

If you’re stuck for video ideas, turn to your viewers and your favorite creators for inspiration. When necessary, allow yourself to take a break so you can avoid burnout and continue creating content you’re proud of.

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