The Latest YouTube Studio Features You Need To Know About

Periodically, YouTube rolls out exciting new YouTube Studios features. Recently, the platform introduced a few tools that can help you streamline your workflow and get a better overview of what kinds of videos your viewers might be interested in.

Here are the new YouTube Studio features you need to know about.

The Channel Permissions role makes it easier to delegate certain tasks to your team.

If you have team members, such as a manager or a producer, then you might be familiar with the Channel Permissions feature. It enables you, the channel owner, to assign roles to other users. With their own YouTube accounts, they can help you moderate comments, upload videos, and check analytics. They can’t delete videos or deactivate the channel.

The newest role you can assign to a member of your team is Editor (Limited). When you assign someone as an Editor (Limited), they can help manage your videos, but they won’t have access to data concerning your revenue. This role can be assigned in Channel Permissions the same way other roles are assigned. You can get a full overview of this feature here.

The Audience Interests analytics can help you determine what videos topics are most relevant to your audience.

In YouTube Studio, the Channel Analytics section provides a lot of insight into the people who are watching your videos. You can find helpful demographics such as the age range of your viewers and the countries they’re watching from. Several key demographics get more specific, detailing how many viewers each viewer gave you on average or how many unique viewers have visited your channel recently.

The latest analytic is called Audience Interests. It can be found under the “Audience” tab on the card labeled “Other videos your audience watched.” The list will show what videos your audience has watched the most over the previous week. It will consist entirely of videos and channels made by other creators.

Studying these videos can give you a lot of information on what kinds of content your subscribers are interested in. You can find new ideas for video formats, inspiration for thumbnails, or keywords you can utilize in your titles. If the same creator pops up often, then you might consider reaching out to them and asking to collab.

Protect your monetization by signing up for advertiser-friendly content guidelines updates.

YouTube changes its advertiser-friendly content guidelines in an often unpredictable manner. If you’re not vigilant about keeping up, then you might miss something important, which can potentially put your channel’s monetization at risk. YouTube ad revenue is a key part of your livelihood as a creator, so you need to take any measure you can to protect it.

YouTube is making it easier to stay on top of these policy updates by putting all of them into a single post. The post will continue to be updated as YouTube amends its content guidelines. To make it even easier, you can press the subscribe button at the bottom of the post so that every update will be sent directly to your email inbox. You can find the article here.

By utilizing these new features, you can make videos that perform better and tweak previous uploads as well. Make sure both you and your team members get familiar with these tools for the benefit of your channel.

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