What To Do When You Feel Like Your Target Audience Is Shifting

Once you’ve been running a YouTube channel long enough, you may start to notice your core audience is changing. Your videos might start to reach a different viewer demographic that the target demographic you initially had in mind. A changing audience isn’t a bad thing; it just means you need to change your strategy.

Here’s what you should do when you feel like your target audience is shifting.

Use the audience insights in YouTube Studio to learn more about your current viewers.

Your audience demographics data has probably changed significantly since the last time you checked. To find it, go to the “Analytics” page in YouTube Studio. Then, click on the “Audience” tab and select “advanced mode.” Here, you can find specific data about the people who are watching your videos, such as their age range, geographic location, and gender.

Back on the “Audience” tab, you can find more information about the kind of content your viewers are interested in. Check the box labeled “Other channels your audience watches” for a list of other creators whose audiences are similar to yours. Below this box, you can also find a summary of your audience insights.

Make a list of your most popular recent uploads and look for similarities.

Now that you have a better idea of who your audience is, it’s time to find out what they love about your videos. Look through your most recent uploads and make a list of the most popular ones. Then, study those videos for similarities.

Look through the comments on your top recent videos to see what your viewers are saying about them. Make note of the aspects of your videos that get the most attention in the comments. Are they loving a new series you started? Do they think your new video format makes your videos more interesting to watch? Are they into the new content niche you’ve been experimenting with?

Use community posts and live streams to engage with your audience so you can get to know them personally.

You can only learn so much about your new audience by studying data and looking for patterns in your most popular videos. The only way to truly get to know them is to form a personal connection. If you want them to remain dedicated supporters of your channel, then you should engage with them.

Start by making community posts more frequently. Use polls to gauge how they’re feeling or ask them for feedback on your most recent upload. Next, you should schedule a live stream so you can chat with them in real time. Finally, connect with them in the comments section by liking and replying to ones that stand out.

Reaching a new target demographic is a great opportunity to grow your audience. Don’t be afraid to branch out and try something new.

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